Marisa merico 'the mafia princess'

Marisa Merico, known as "The Mafia Princess". 

Known for her family connections to the Italian mafia, her father was a Godfather of 'Ndrangheta, a powerful criminal organisation based in Calabria, Italy.

Merico has written a book titled "The Mafia Princess: Growing Up in One of Italy's Most Powerful Crime Families", in which she describes her experiences growing up in a world that's been sculpted by crime. Our night with Marisa provides detail into the world of the mafia from the perspective of a young woman. Hear the challenges of living in a family with some of the biggest connections in the criminal underworld. After her father was imprisoned, Marisa took over the organisation and later herself was sentenced to time in prison, in the UK and Italy.

As well as evolving into a Criminologist, she has become an advocate for raising awareness about the dangers of the mafia and the need for stronger measures to combat its influence.

The meet and greet allows attendees to ask questions and engage in a conversation with Merico, hearing her personal journey and the lessons Marisa has learned from being involved with the organisations she's been associated with. 

The event also includes chances for book signings, photo opportunities, and other interactive elements, providing attendees an intimate evening with Marisa.