Matt Le Tissier: What's The Real Agenda?

A unique and eye-opening evening; as former English football star Matt Le Tissier invites you to an unfiltered debate as he hosts his 1st live show including special guests. 

The Debate

The ex-Southampton legend be presenting his side of the story, and welcomes guests to engage in an open discussion to showcase their viewpoints with what the real agenda is in the world today. 

With the recent Online Safety Bill, Emissions constraints and countless other measures that have been put in place in the recent years – Matt questions; is this for our protection, or are we being manipulated under an umbrella of safeguarding?

After presenting his side of the case, Le Tissier will hand over the mantle to the audience giving you your chance to participate in an evening of healthy discussion with a former footballer who won't be silenced. 
Whether you agree with Matt's views or not... He's on a mission to get to the truth. 


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23rd March, 2024 - Oxford