Celebrating the 45th anniversary of one of Britain's greatest cult movies, 'PLM Events' & 'Stargaze Entertainment' are bringing the stars of Quadrophenia to Brighton for two exclusive events.

Transport yourself back in time and relive the iconic Quadrophenia film with a special event featuring its beloved stars. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of mods and rockers as you connect with the actors who brought this cult classic to life.

Step into the nostalgia, feel the adrenaline, and share in the excitement of reliving the film's unforgettable moments. With exclusive behind-the-scenes insights and the chance to meet the stars, this event is a must for fans and anyone seeking to experience the spirit of Quadrophenia once again.

Get ready to ride the wave of nostalgia and create new memories with the stars of this timeless masterpiece. Featuring photo and autograph opportunities, interviews with the cast and an open audience Q&A. 

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