Celebrity Meet and Greet Events in the UK

At Stargaze Entertainment, we understand that the allure of meeting a beloved celebrity can be a dream come true. We have curated an unparalleled selection of celebrity meet and greet events in the UK, bridging the gap between fans and their idols, helping to create memories that last a lifetime. From A-list actors and musicians to celebrated athletes and everyone in between, Stargaze Entertainment brings an array of talent to the table. Whether you want to come along to one of our events with the stars, or organise your own events with one of our talents, we can help.

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Meet and Greet your favourite celebrities

 Meet and Greet

Our regular meet and greet events consist of a celebrity talk with the option to have your photo taken.

At certain events, you will also have the opportunity to purchase signed items and in some cases a raffle and auction will be incorporated into the event.

Dining Meet and Greet

These events are similar to our regular meet and greet shows but with an exclusive two or three course meal. Dining meet and greet events have a much more prestigious energy about them and enhance your experience with your chosen artist.

Certain shows may also have the option of a pre-show opening party and drinks package. 

Your event may also include interactive games with the audience and competitions all of which are rewarded with a one of a kind signed piece of memorabilia. 

Life Stories

A Life Stories evening is an event like no other. Encounter what it really feels to know a celebrity. A Life Stories event will always be an A-list star. Red carpets, champagne bars, sumptuous menus, mingling with celebrities, canapes, hors d'oeuvres and intimate settings. These events will immerse you into an Oscars-like experience. 

The ultimate 360 degree package with all the bells and whistles... 


At Stargaze Entertainment we are very proud of our interactive events, being one of the most exciting affairs we host.

IMAGINE being able to play keep-ups with your favourite footballer.

IMAGINE cooking with your culinary icon.

IMAGINE  throwing a 180 with your darts hero.

IMAGINE potting balls with your snooker idol.

IMAGINE taking on a punch machine with a World Champion boxer. 


A place for fans to meet and greet their favourite stars, have photographs with them, and get autographs. Question and answer panels with our special guests, so fans can interact with them on an intimate level, without the hustle and bustle of the main convention. Some conventions also include performances and merchandise.

We are proud to have been involved with previous conventions such as the Cast of Grease, attending Comic Cons, pop culture conventions, anime and ex-mafia.


Planning your upcoming event for your corporation requires the expertise of a seasoned corporate event planner. At Stargaze Entertainment we have the knowledge and experience to insure your success from business meetings to corporate events. We are the industry leader in event management and organising events. We have helped corporations foster strong relationships with their audiences and employees around the globe.

Private Bookings

At Stargaze Entertainment we can cater for all of your requirements for private bookings. from a full gala event, to a celebrity appearance at your private function. We can deliver. Please contact us and allow us to create a never to be forgotten experience. 

About Stargaze Entertainment Celebrity Meet and Greet Events

Our mission is to deliver celebrity meet and greet events that create lifelong memories for you. We do this by ensuring you receive unparalleled access to your favourite celebrities, to ensure you receive a personal and genuine interaction. Our events are designed to allow the celebrity to engage with their fans in meaningful ways.


Meet and Greet FAQs



How to meet and greet celebrities

They are people just like you and us, just be yourself! We do ask that you be respectful to the celebrity in terms of boundaries, but we have great experience in facilitating safe environments to foster genuine connections with your favourite celebs.




What is a meet and greet with a celebrity?

Whilst every event is different, typically a Celebrity meet and greet will include a talk from the celebrity, followed by a session of pictures and signings where you can meet the celebrity in person for yourself.




What to ask a celebrity at a meet and greet

Celebrities at meet and greet events love to hear from their fans, so do not be afraid to ask things you have always wanted to know. As part of our safeguarding of our celebrity talents, we ask that you keep all questions and comments civil and to respect the boundaries and personal lives of the celebrity.